Your Equipment May Be Under Warranty

We will honor your warranty even if your equipment wasn't installed by us. Call us for information on locating the manufacturer's warranty. We warranty almost all brands sold in our area, whether we installed it or not.


Installed by us? Not installed by us? We will still work under your warranty! Call us for more information on how to find the manufacturer's warranty

Will the technician know if I have a warranty?

Yes! Any equipment installed by us is in our system and our technicians can look up any warranty coverage. Even equipment that was not installed by us we are able to pull up warranty coverage by the manufacturer. Typically most equipment installed by us will have additional warranty coverage that the manufacturer does not provide.

What brands does Day & Nite warranty?

Day & Nite Plumbing & Heating works with most manufacture warranties. Even if we did not perform the installation we can help get warranty coverage.

How can I find out if I have a warranty?

If it was purchased from us, our technician can look up your warranty. Otherwise, most manufactures have a warranty checker on their website where you can input the serial number. Another place to check is your original purchase receipt (If it was bought from us, we will also have this record).

Does the warranty sticker mean it is under warranty?

We can certainly help with your warranty, even if the purchase was not through us. Equipment with a manufacture warranty and/or a warranty from us, we can help with equipment that may still have warranty coverage. The warranty label itself is not a guarantee of warranty coverage.

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